Some More People Disagree With Jason Grimsley

10.03.06 11 years ago

Stories like this make me hate sports a little bit. So after the LA Times revealed who Grimsley named as steroid/PED users — including Andy Pettite, Miguel Tejada, and 7-time Cy Young winner Tubby McBleachedtips — both the federal prosecutor in charge of the investigation AND Grimsley's attorney have discredited the report.

Now we get to go through another round of the Steroid Guessing Game, wherein allegations and counterarguments run pointlessly non-stop until the next secret document is unearthed and claimed erroneous. Is it spin? Having seen the actual document, are the lawyers speaking truthfully? Will I be forced to continue thinking about this?

I'll tell you what, none of this would be happening if they just put me in charge of a good old-fashioned witch hunt. With burning at the stake and everything. What, like somebody's going to miss Barry Bonds? Ty Cobb had more friends. 

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