Something Odd Happened at Utah State

12.23.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I’ve never been to Utah, and aside from the off chance that their hotties are more willing to get it on in groups, I don’t really see any reason to go there. That doesn’t mean that nothing interesting happens in that part of the country, however. In fact, something interesting happened in Tuesday night’s basketball game between Idaho State and Utah State. Kamil Gawrzydek hit a pair of free throws while being heckled by the pictured chubby, bearded Superman. Normally, this wouldn’t be interesting at all, except for the small fact that one of the free throws defied the laws of physics. Except that it didn’t because it’s impossible to defy the laws of physics. Either way, it’s a pretty cool shot, and video evidence is after the jump.

H/T Sports Illustrated

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