Spain’s Goalie Whiffed On A Pass Back For A Disastrous Own Goal At Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 (in 2021) tournament has featured some sensational goals and also some incredibly dumbfounding moments. Entering Monday, the leader in the clubhouse for most self-destructive moment belonged to Mats Hummels of Germany who headed one into the top corner of his own goal in the opener against France.

However, Spain’s Unai Simon decided to give Hummels a reprieve on Monday when he created an even worse own goal when he completely bottled a pass back, whiffing on the ball as it screamed past him and into his own net to give Croatia a 1-0 lead despite not having a shot on goal to that point.

It is absolute pain for Unai Simon, who can’t do anything about it once the ball gets by him. It was certainly a forceful pass back, but not one that should get by a world class goalkeeper in a major international competition. The expected goals chart after that own goal was especially hilarious.

The good news for Spain is that they would eventually get an equalizer on the other end before halftime to draw even at 1-1, but that they weren’t leading and in full control of the game at the break was nothing short of ridiculous given Croatia ended the first 45 minutes with two shots and none on goal.

Spain will likely still manage to find their way to victory as they are dominating the first half, but in soccer, one goal can be the difference and just gifting the opposition one is never the best path to the next round.