Sports Bar In Philly Doesn’t Care About Black People

11.11.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Hey, remember that sports bar in Philadelphia where that kid was killed last summer? Okay, it wasn’t in the bar, and this is actually a totally different location, but be that as it may. The management there has a bit of a beef with minorities. McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, on 3rd Street near Willow, has been named in a class-action suit because of a bartender’s complaint that “racism and racial segregation are not only tolerated, but mandated.”

According to the complaint, only five of the bar’s 75 employees are black, including Bolden and the “man and woman who work in the bathroom handing out towels.” Bolden, 29, is a full-time attorney with the nonprofit Community Legal Services, and has been employed at McFadden’s since 2007.

The complaint alleges that in June, in an effort to draw bigger crowds during slow summer months, McFadden’s hired Everett “Mr. Hollywood DJ” Jackson and a promoter named “Alexis,” both of whom are black. The move turned out to be a “resounding success,” the complaint alleges, and many of the bar’s new patrons on Wednesday nights were “non-white.”

By August, however, McFadden’s made deliberate steps to “dismantle” the Wednesday-night scene, the complaint alleges, as their usual crowd of “white individuals” was returning from college break or the shore. –

Knowing Philly, business at this bar will probably triple within the next week. You just can’t buy advertising like that. And just some I’m clear, I was referring to Mr. Bolden and his firm. It’s amazing that a black bartender could have held down a job at a whites-only bar for three years. I wonder if reveals the tricks to that trade in his suit.

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