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Saint Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump, compiled solely for readers and with no regard for bloggers who whore their links around.

  • The Angry T previews the sideline reporter swimsuit calendar put out to counter all the Erin Andrews coverage. And it works. Can't cover Erin Andrews after being blinded by that.
  • Spencer Hall at The Sporting Blog casts a discerning eye and a savage hand at the claim that Ocho Cinco's unpaid taxes are killing the chillins. Willie Nelson could fund universal health care!
  • Mister Irrelevant has picture of Chris Cooley rocking the Chippindale's no-shirt-vested look during his wedding reception. Not hot pants, though. Not staying true to your look, Captain Chaos.
  • Machochip has video of what passes for an attractive update to a Blossom character getting all gyrate-y while playing Wii Fit. I know a better way to burn calories with Roxanne: Jumping. Jacks. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how effective they are.
  • D.C. Sports Bog has video of Wizards players tearing it up on the links. Shame it's not still the Jordan era. There was an executive who could golf well while ruining a team.

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