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St. Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. This is so much easier to write when I’m not locked out of the site.

  • We already know how contemptible the Yankees are with their own fans, but worry not – douchetard pinstripe fans are paying it backward. Eugenics needn’t stay a failed science, you know.
  • Not to be outdone are Phillies fans, who look absolutely ghoulish on The Fightins. Either that or racist. Yeah, I’ll go with racist.
  • Mike Cavic offers up his left testicle for a rematch against Michael Phelps, as seen on Mouthpiece Blog. Hell, I’d give up Mike Civic’s left nut to get a shot at Fernanda Ferrari.
  • You Been Blinded discovers that the Gators’ Chris Rainey is a bit disappointed with his sex classes. Just wait until you try the real thing. Sober, that is.
  • On FanIQ, you’ll see that Titans’ linebacker Keith Bulluck has more stuff in his locker than you do in your home. But is there a dead body? No, well, advantage me.

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