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In a bizarre story that's not getting much run, THE STATE OF ILLINOIS [Guest Editor's Note: what the fuck?] is expected to make a bid to buy Wrigley Field sometime next week. The Sports Economist is pretty much in heat over this, with sexy talk like "landmark status" and "sales tax growth" being thrown around.

Perhaps the "landmark" of value to Illinois is not just the building itself, but the name of the stadium, something that may be up for sale. Wrigley Field is synonymous with Chicago and Illinois and calling it Sears Stadium or whatnot will obscure that to some extent.

Why shouldn't they call it Sears Stadium? Nearly every other arena in this country has some corporate name du jour attached to it. Why should those assholes get it any better? They need to call the next building built with public money Taxpayer Stadium, because that's who's actually paying for the damn thing.

Basically the state wants Wrigley's landmark restrictions to be lifted, because having certain elements of the stadium declared "off limits" any fundamental improvements is certain to make any renovation more cumbersome and more expensive. We can't have all the drunks getting lost on the concourse while the Cubbies are in the midst of a pennant race. But then what about the last three months of the season?

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