12.18.07 11 years ago 17 Comments

Nothing Steelers fans do really surprises me any more.  I could spend all afternoon making fun of this story, but I've kind of lost the joy of hating Steelers fans.  Oh, I still hate 'em all right, but the magic is gone.  It's been months since I got an angry email full of bad syntax and fractured grammar from someone not from Ohio State.  ANYWAY:

Thanks to some help from sympathetic donors, Kathleen Desrosiers attended Sunday's game, bringing an urn with some of her late husband's ashes, as well as his ring and two pictures of him. He had died in March of a brain tumor.

Though he lived in Exeter, N.H., Richard Desrosiers adopted the Steelers at an early age and followed them closely. He named his dog Steeler and his wardrobe, by his widow's estimate, was 95 percent Steelers gear.

She should have asked the Rooneys if she could dump the ashes on the turf.  It's not like they give a fuck about the field. 

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