Delight In Stephen A. Smith Taking A Bite Of A Sandwich From Guy Fieri’s Restaurant As Guy Watches

At their cores, Stephen A. Smith and Guy Fieri have the same job. Sure, one is paid lots of money to be a television personality who opens culinary doors to millions of people while the other is paid lots of money to be on television 17 hours a day and someone fire off sports takes in every single one of them, but peel back the layers of the two and both are entertainers.

They go about this in different ways, sure, but Fieri and Smith want to keep schmucks like me entertained. These two ended up crossing paths on Friday in an attempt to entertain us, and by god, did they. Fieri appeared on the ESPN+ program Stephen A’s World to discuss the Guy’s Grocery Games Tournament of Champions, which airs on Food Network this weekend, and a handful of other things.

A lot of stuff happened (Fieri invited him over for dinner!), watch the whole thing, all that, but the highlight of the interview came when Stephen A. got a chicken sandwich from Fieri’s restaurant, Chicken Guy, that admittedly looks extremely good. Anyway, enjoy:

The number of times Stephen A. says he is going to take a bite before taking a bite is, for my money, the best part of this entire video, with “Guy Fieri appeared to take a picture of the computer or tablet through which he was watching this” a very close second. It is my sincere hope that ESPN and the Food Network watch this and come together and realize that we, the viewing public, need a television show in which Guy Fieri and Stephen A. Smith do stuff together. They could eat food or talk about basketball or, like, go to a pottery class or something, I do not care. Much like a very good poker hand, these are two kings.

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