Stephen Colbert Lays Out The Many Flaws And Possible Catastrophes Awaiting Rio 2016

Another Olympic year, another scramble for a host city to get its heavily sponsored sh*t together in time for the games. There have been some seriously close calls to meet the finish line for the opening of the Olympics, but Rio’s looming international jock party might be the most precarious situation in recent memory.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert elected to give his take on Rio’s troubles and boy howdy there are a lot of troubles. Between mass corruption, Zika, super resistant bacteria, budget issues, government disarray and roughly 50,000 other things, there’s no shortage of subject matter for Colbert to address.

“Just yesterday, Rio’s acting governor warned ‘The Olympics could be a big failure,’ which is actually an improvement because until yesterday, it looked like a massive catastrophe,” quipped Colbert. He also pointed out that first responders in Brazil are facing a lack of fuel and some of the venues are unusable so who’s ready to party with the world’s greatest athletes?

“But corruption and crime aren’t the only thing plaguing the Olympics: There is also actual plague,” shared Colbert. “Because fear over the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects, has led some athletes to stay home, and others to take special precautions like freezing their sperm.”

Considering the reputation the Olympics has as a real bonezone, that’s another headache in a Rio buildup with a lot of them. Check out Colbert’s superb take on the matter and have a think on whether or not Rio 2016 is going to happen on time.