Stephen Colbert Took On The Washington Redskins’ ‘Charm Offensive’ On The Sport Report

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03.27.14 2 Comments

There are few things more wonderful on television than when The Colbert Report takes on sports in the Sport Report, but last night’s edition might have been the most pants-wetting that I can recall in recent months. Not only did Stephen Colbert take on the ridiculousness of the “waffle-eating mayo-dippers” in Belgium signing a 20-month old toddler to a soccer contract, but he also revealed that the PGA’s merchandising wing is starting to realize that golf is dwindling in popularity among younger people, probably because it’s so f*cking difficult that it makes me want to pull my arms out of their sockets so I can beat myself to death for not keeping my head down when I swing, for the love of everything holy.

*deep breath*

But the best part of last night’s Sport Report was Colbert’s take on everything that Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins are doing to make it seem like Native Americans are totally cool with the team’s mascot. Because a foundation that chips in on a backhoe for a tribe is exactly what this whole ordeal needed to reach a resolution.

If, for some strange HTML reason that I don’t understand, that video doesn’t load, watch it here at Colbert Nation.

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