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Heidi Krieger won gold in the shot put at the 1986 European championships.  Eleven years later, Heidi got a new name (Andreas) and a new gender — the result, Krieger claims, of the steroids young Heidi was given by her coaches.  From CNN:

He says he had been fed so many steroids by his coaches without his knowledge that physical and emotional problems began.

The young woman's physique changed drastically, as did her feelings. "I felt much more attracted to women and just felt like a man. But I knew I was not lesbian," Krieger told CNN.

Drugs that make you feel attracted to women?  Ah-HA!  The East Germans found a cure for the gay!  What a tremendous day to be a Republican!

CREEPY UPDATE: Now with super-disturbing video, after the jump.    [story via Sports by Brooks

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