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I ignored Julie Donaldson-domestic abuse story for a couple days because I saw "Red Sox reporter" and was immediately not interested.  But it turns out that the former Miss USA contestant's abusive boyfriend is a SlamBall player, which ratchets up the comedic value of anything.  Well, anything but domestic abuse.  Anyway, the details are these:

Julie Donaldson, the former Miss Florida USA, testified that her boyfriend, professional Slamball player Ivan Lattimore, beat her on Wednesday [misplaced modifed: she testified on Wednesday -Ed.]…

Lattimore, who stands 6-foot-4, 215-pounds, bruised her arms at the Super Bowl in Arizona. The second time, Lattimore grabbed her hair and forced her to punch herself after a Boston Celtics game against the Miami Heat on March 30.

The latest incident took place June 27, the night of Donaldson's 32nd birthday, when Lattimore threw her five feet against a wall. After locking herself in the bathroom, Donaldson kicked in the door, punched her twice and bit her left cheek. The assault occurred during a party in which one of the other guests called the police. After Donaldson was arrested, he called Donaldson 47 times on her cellphone.

Wow, that guy's an asshole.  But I guess that's the kind of thing you can get away with if you live the glamorous life of a professional SlamBall player.

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