@Storytime: Jenny Johnson Tweeted Her NASCAR Experience At Texas Motor Speedway

Greg Biffle hadn’t won a Sprint Cup race in almost two years before he overtook everyone’s least favorite NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, to win the Samsung Mobile 500 yesterday in Ft. Worth, Texas. But in even better news, With Leather’s official favorite driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., took his place in Victory Lane on Friday night after he won the Nationwide Series O’Reilly Auto Parts 300. Because we can, we take full credit for his victory.
Even better than all of that wonderful NASCAR news, though, is that self-proclaimed “TV news producer, writer, wife, asshole and owner of 2 dogs” Jenny Johnson Tweeted her experience at the Samsung Mobile 500 from the moment she started driving to Ft. Worth, and the result was pretty funny. That is, if you have a good sense of humor about NASCAR.
I don’t know anything about Johnson, other than pretty much every girl I know follows her on Twitter and they all think she’s a riot. However, I’m sure if you’re a NASCAR purist you won’t take too kindly to her playing off the stereotypes that everyone who goes to races – especially *clap clap clap* deep in the heart of Texas – is a toothless hillbilly redneck. As a NASCAR fan, though, I still get a kick out of the jokes, so let’s not take ourselves too seriously, y’all.

(Image via Getty.)
(I kid you not, this image came from NASCAR.com.)