Strokes Singer To Pen New Mets Song

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08.11.10 7 Comments

While the New York Mets aren’t technically out of the National League East hunt, they are realistically screwed. Sitting at .500 and 8.5 games back of the Atlanta Braves and 7.5 games back of NL Wild Card leader San Francisco, the Mets would need a collapse of, well, Mets proportions to make a competitive run at playing in the postseason. Hey, at least the Jets and Giants are right around the corner.

But all is not lost for the lesser half of Big Apple baseball. To help support his favorite team, Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas has expressed his desire to write a new TV theme song for the Mets. His potential team tune would join a long list of Mets melodies, including the original “Meet the Mets” as well as this coke-fueled 1986 jam. Tough vintage Nike high-tops to fill, Julian.

Squeeze into your kid sister’s jeans, Digital Spy:

The musician explained: “My next thing is I want to write the new TV theme song for the Mets.

“I’m totally serious – I have some ideas, I have to see if they like it.”

Know what the Mets would really like? More than two players hitting over .292. Know what else they’d like? For Jeff Francouer to forget where Citi Field is. But it’s the thought that counts and it’s certainly more celebrity fire power than most other baseball teams have. However, Casablancas isn’t the first pop musician to show support for his favorite sports team. After all, who can forget this classic tribute to the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Regardless, Julian’s best efforts will never even hold a lighter to a spoon candle to this classic inspirational song:

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