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Brett Favre likes football more than you do

Yes, yes, I heard: Brett Favre threw six touchdown passes.  Now let us never speak of it again.

Unlike a mediocre AFC team blowing out the Arizona Cardinals, there were more tightly contested games that were more newsworthy on Sunday.  Most notably, for perhaps the first time in the Dan Snyder era, the Redskins looked like a downright competent, tough team in beating the Cowboys in Texas 26-24.  Later that night, their NFC East rivals from Philly came up inches short in Chicago, where the Bears’ 4th quarter goal-line stand preserved a 24-20 victory.

Other scores: The Titans and Bills improved to 4-0 for the first time, respectively, ever and since 1992.  The Titans “held” Adrian Peterson to 80 yards on 18 carries and two touchdowns, while the Bills beat up on the hapless Rams team to improve their record to 4-0 in games against shitty teams… The Chiefs shocked the Broncos 33-19, ending a 12-game losing streak behind Larry Johnson’s 198 yards and two touchdowns… The Chargers became the second team in as many weeks to play only a single quarter against the Raiders and still win… The Jaguars needed overtime to beat the Texans 30-27.  It’s because Houston was so well rested after that week off from Hurricane Ike.

Ah, but we still need to determine who sucked hardest yesterday.  Certainly the Browns and Bengals deserve an honorable mention for that shitfest.  But I think the award has to go to some or all of the Cardinals.  Kurt Warner’s six-turnover day — oh yes, one for every Favre TD — and some shoddy defense guaranteed us another week of the media’s relentless adoration of the gun-slingin’ aw-shuckster.  So thanks for that, assholes.  Why can’t someone in the media just say, “Goddammit, it was the CARDINALS!  Records set against them shouldn’t even count!”  I’d subscribe to that columnist.

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