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How the hell did you fail Algebra II?  All you have to do is write the quadratic formula on your arm before the tests.  Anyway, when you're at summer school tomorrow, here's some dish for all the bitches in study hall.  You know how the lovely Gemma Atkinson (pictured above) is supposed to be with Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo?  Well, she was recently spotted with Charlton's Marcus Bent:

They were “definitely together” but “not completely all over each other”, says our insider spy.  The two also spent time taking lots of photos of each other and asking passersby to take the odd pic of them as well.

Oooh, C-Ron is gonna be mad.  Maybe Gemma's doing this to get back at him for his tryst with the lovely Bipasha Basu.  And isn't Bent dating the lovely Danielle Lloyd?  Those two are always breaking up and getting back together.  And Gemma hooked up with former Man U forward Alan Smith after she started going steady with Cristiano.  What a soccer slut!  (To Gemma: No offense, I just adopted this voice for the post.  I actually adore sluts 'sporting girls'.  Call me.  Love, KD)


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