Conan Surprised James White By Giving Him Tom Brady’s Super Bowl MVP Truck

James White, who should’ve won the Super Bowl MVP because he had 14 catches, 139 total yards, three touchdowns and didn’t throw a pick-six, was on Conan on Thursday night. Aware of this injustice, Conan gave White the same Ford truck Tom Brady was incorrectly given Sunday for winning the LI most valuable player.

Considering how many Patriots players have already dropped out of going to the White House to visit Brady’s good friend Donald Trump, maybe White can drive Brady and the other three players that still want to visit to D.C. in this F-150.

All Brady hate aside, isn’t it unfair to give him the MVP over White because he led a comeback from a 25-point deficit that was partially his doing? You can’t throw a pick-six then get praised for rallying. He created the deficit. White had no hand in that. This would be a like a relief pitcher wanting credit for a save because he closed a one-run win but the lead was nine when he came into the game.

There’s very little chance Brady lost sleep over this injustice. Not because he doesn’t like White — but because Brady sleeps in magic pajamas made by Under Armour.