This Time-Lapse Shows The Crazy Coordination That Goes Into The Super Bowl Halftime Show

When you think about it, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is completely ridiculous. Once the players leave the field, the performer and crew are only given a limited amount of time to put an entire stage together (including a stage and pyrotechnics and all that), perform a show, clear out, and break everything down in enough time that the teams can come back onto the field and decide which one gets to call themselves the NFL champions.

It’s such a huge process that it’s super impressive that it happens without any major issues every single year. This year’s show featuring Lady Gaga featured a stellar performance that included a massive stage. Thanks to this time-lapse video, we got to see just how much work went into the stage getting put together and broken down.

Seriously, give a major shout out to everyone who made this show work. So many things had to be assembled perfectly for Gaga to come out and put on her show, and this puts into perspective how many moving parts were, well, moving at once. No matter what ends up happening during the game, this is almost definitely going to be the most impressive thing that occurred during the game.