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On the eve of the 2005 Auburn-Alabama game, semipro cage fighter Joey Barrett Jr yelled "Roll Tide!" in an Auburn fraternity house, inciting a melee in which he stabbed several people, sending one student to the hospital with a collapsed lung.  Barrett was just sentenced to 18 months in prison — in addition to time for the assaults, he gets bonus months for attempting to bribe a retarded man to take the fall for him, which resulted in a 2006 mistrial.  Bra. VO.

The defense attorney in the 2006 trial told jurors that Louie Holtz, now 40, of Mobile, would admit to get ting caught up in the fight and testify that it was he, not Barrett, who stabbed the fraternity brothers. The judge in the case, however, ordered Holtz to secure counsel, noting that Holtz had previously been declared mentally retarded…

Because the jurors had already heard that someone else was going to admit to the stabbings, however, the judge declared a mistrial… Investigation into the case continued, eventually revealing that Barrett had offered Holtz a car in exchange for taking the heat on the assault charges.

A car?  Dude, that's way overboard.  You can bribe a retard by promising them a stapler or an orange.  Er, not that I'd know.  That's just what I've heard.  From unsavory people I barely met and didn't like.

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