Surfing Dogs Invade Huntington Beach

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09.23.10 11 Comments

Our typically dependable With Leather Left Coast Bureau took the week off so our California news has been rolling in a bit slower than usual (did you know the Lakers won the NBA Championship???) but that’s no excuse for missing out on the biggest surfing competition of the year – Surf City Surf Dog. For the past two years, the city of Huntington Beach, California has hosted this charity fundraiser at which our four-legged canine friends show off their gnarliest surfing skills. You know, I just have to say that someone in history was the first person to ever dress a dog like a human, and it’s just a shame that we don’t have a holiday for that hero. Then again, it was probably a woman, so we’re better off as is.

Surf City Surf Dog raises money for a variety of animal rescues and organizations, as dog owners help their pooches compete in two types of canine surfing contests – GROMS and SHREDDERS. The GROMS competition featured dogs of all sizes competing in standard heats (Ed. – That’s when puppies are made!) and the SHREDDERS competition featured pooches vying for style, tricks and surf length. This event is much different from my annual competition, “Which cat will drown the fastest?”

Videos and gallery after the jump.

And here’s a longer video that features pugs in swimwear and more surfing dogs, but I’m a bit disappointed that there aren’t any dogs reenacting the beach shower fight scene from Point Break. You’re telling me they couldn’t find an Irish Water Spaniel to play Anthony Kiedis?

Screw it, here’s some dogs surfing with quotes from Point Break.

(Photos via The Sacramento Bee)

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