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UPDATE: Blount has been suspended for the year; his career as an Oregon Duck is over. There’s always the UFL, kid.

It wasn’t bad enough that Oregon had to cost me money by marching out of Boise State with a bizarre 19-8 loss on ESPN last night. No, we had to watch some senior awesomely lose any sense of composure and totally coldcock some white guy. Yeah, running back LeGarrette Bounte, who ran for 1,000 yards last year by the way, basically ruined Byron Hout’s poop before almost coming to blows with his own teammates and being restrained from fans by stadium security. Lotta pride in that feller there, and one can only speculate how severely Oregon will act to discipline him.

“I tell you what, that will never happen again,” Blount continued. “I will never lose my head again. … I should have handled that situation a lot better than I did.” via.

But let’s not forget that this whole thing was touched off by Hout slapping Blount on the shoulder pad and getting into his ear. We can see Boise State head coach Chris Petersen returning the favor before Blount delivers a Nike swoosh of his own to Hout’s chin. Should Hout be suspended for touching a guy’s shoulder pads? No, he should be suspended for running his mouth without wearing his helmet. Stupidity like that deserves a punishment all its own.

Oh, and South Carolina won last night, 7-3. No. 19 Utah also won, and the rest of the games were kinda blah. Thanks, Joel, for the vid, and you’re right: Emilio Estevez would never let his Ducks do this.

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