Sven Boekhorst Took His Latest ‘Cityhopper’ Documentary Across Europe

Senior Writer

Back in 2012, Dutch Inline skater Sven Boekhorst traveled the Netherlands with a ramp to turn some of the most notable tourist attractions and landmarks into props for his awesome stunts. The result was a documentary entitled Cityhopper and the point was to “destroy non-skateable spots with ease and finesse.” Having accomplished his goal to the delight of many, Boekhorst decided that the next logical step was to take his show on the road. More specifically, he wanted to travel across Europe like a horny American college coed looking to experience the world.

Boekhorst and his crew dragged their ramp to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona and London, because they ran out of cities that started with B, and the results were quite impressive. For every several awesome jumps, there were also some spills that made me think we were going to see brain and ooze spilling out on the concrete while people laughed like lumberjacks. Check out the entire Cityhopper Europe documentary for yourself and then find your old blades in the garage and dust ‘em off for some radical bladin’, bros.

Documentary: Cityhopper Europe from Rollerblade® on Vimeo.

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