Taiwan Animation Is Just Animating Suicides Now

Is it possible for Taiwan Animation to jump the shark? You know, without badly animating themselves riding a panda and jumping over a shark?

Next Media Animation of Taiwan has done a lot of concerning stuff in their run as the world’s most and least direct news source … hell, in the last two months they’ve had college girls piss on Johnny Football, animated an actual n-bomb and had a golden football have sex with a man-sized phone. It’s what they do. People die all the time in them, too, but … something about this one really bugged me.

To illustrated how sad a Seattle Seahawks fan would be if they lose their season ticket privileges to undercover cops in CenturyLink Field, they animated him putting a gun to his head and killing himself. Just straight up, calm suicide.

Seriously Taiwan, if you wanna have Tim Tebow kill the devil with a spear or have Manny Ramirez attack people with a bat that says STEROIDS on it, fine, go for it. But man, could you add a little humor to your depictions of suicide? That’s the weirdest question I’ve ever had to ask, but damn, I don’t get a lot of joy knowing the real-life consequences of football fans losing their seats. Have Colin Kaepernick show up in a Batman costume and batarang him in the back of the head or something. Jesus.