Taiwan Provides What Might Be The Most Awkward First Pitch In Baseball History

We’ve seen a lot of first pitches go awry here at UPROXX. There’s been some horrible attempts by 50 Cent and Carly Rae Jepsen, odd attempts by George R.R. Martin, one from that heroic cat that went viral, and of course the time Robocop threw out in Detroit. Japan is no slouch either, putting together that Ringu inspired first pitch and scaring the hell out of everyone. But here’s Taiwan and the Chinese Professional Baseball League laying claim to the most awkward first pitch of all time.

Yoga “goddess” Yan shows off her flexible talents before the game between the Lamigo Monkeys and Brother Elephants and quickly devolves it into one big strip tease. I feel it deserves recognition as the oddest because you never really know what’s coming or where she is going with her routine. At first I thought she was going to throw the ball backwards, but by the end I was expecting it to shoot out of her like a cannon. The worst part is how she totally woofs the pitch part of her routine.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe I saw David Wells attempt the same feat before a game in 1998. But then he threw a perfect game, so who am I to judge?

(Via CBPL)