Tell Us How You Really Feel About Paul George, Angry Indiana Pacers Fan

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04.29.14 8 Comments
Woe is Paul George

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Paul George didn’t have the worst night last night against the Atlanta Hawks. Sure, the Indiana Pacers lost 107-97 to an 8 seed that they should have already dispatched with a clean sweep in the first round of the playoffs, but at least George put up 26 points and 12 rebounds in the losing effort. But the funny thing about playoff basketball, especially when you play for a 1 seed that is now down 3-2 in the first round of the playoffs to a team that some people think was trying to tank at the end to avoid the playoffs and instead get a lottery pick, is that fans don’t really give a crap about individual stats when the rest of your teammates were outscored by guys named Shelvin Mack and Mike Scott.

George couldn’t believe that he was called for traveling on this play in the second quarter, with the Pacers trailing by 21, but the home fans had had about enough of his “Traveling? Moi?” routine. And at least one Pacers faithful gave him an earful for the whole poop stew that was Game 5, only because I assume Roy “Double Zero” Hibbert was wearing ear muffs by this point in the game.

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