A Security Guard Blew Up A Fan’s Attempt To Rush The Field After Tennessee’s Win Over Georgia

Tennessee finally did something to exorcise the demons of their late-game collapses this season by coming back to beat No. 19 ranked Georgia in the fourth quarter. Tennessee looked once again like they’d give the game away, but a brutal drop from a UGA receiver left the Bulldogs with a couple near-Hail Mary tries, and the Volunteers held on with some white-knuckle defending. When time expired on an incomplete pass, the crowd at Knoxville erupted.

Fields have been rushed for less, but Vols fans were probably more relieved than anything, with their ultimate goals for this season having already been dashed by the late collapses. But, of course, one guy had to try it. He was going to lead it, man. Those goalposts were his. Enter the security guard. The point, the staredown, and the finish. No one else was going to try it after that display of authority.

At the risk of spouting a cliche, this was one of the best tackles on that field, and it was after the game ended. Look at that closing speed. That’s smashmouth football right there. You know what? Maybe that’s why the fans didn’t rush the field en masse — because they knew that guy was out there. Maybe he’s the Wyatt Earp of security guards, so legendary is his commitment to order. That would be cool.

At the very least, he’s way cooler of a security guard than Paul Blart.