The Titans Went For Two And The Win, But Failed And Lost To The Chargers

10.21.18 5 months ago

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The Tennesee Titans spent most of Sunday morning’s game in London playing catchup. The Los Angeles Chargers took a sizable lead early on behind two massive touchdown throws from Philip Rivers, but the Titans kept chipping away throughout the second half. Eventually, with the game on the line, Tennesee was in a position to tie the game, but they chose to play it risky. After scoring a touchdown to pull within one, Mike Vrabel made the somewhat surprising call to go for two.

The Titans actually had two chances to win late. Their first play failed, but defensive holding was called giving them another shot. The Titans again played for the two, but, once again, Marcus Mariota’s pass hit the ground and all-but guaranteed a Chargers victory — the real kicker is that, on the first play, Dion Lewis was incredibly open.

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