Terrell Owens Still Hasn’t Forgiven Donovan McNabb’s Super Bowl Performance

Super Bowl Sunday is a day that can evoke a lot of emotions and bring back a lot of memories for former players and coaches in the NFL. For some, it’s a reminder of the highest point of their careers, winning a championship and achieving a lifelong dream. For others, it can be a more painful memory, a reminder of an opportunity lost and the closest they ever came to fulfilling that dream, only to see it slip away.

The latter is the case for Terrell Owens, as the Hall of Fame wide receiver appeared in just one Super Bowl in his career back in 2005 when he famously returned from a broken leg to catch nine passes for 122 yards in a 24-21 loss to the Patriots that many, including Owens, believe they should’ve won.

For T.O. that game was the beginning of an on-going feud with quarterback Donovan McNabb, as Owens has never forgiven McNabb for his three interception performance, which he blames on the QB partying too much prior to the Super Bowl. McNabb rather infamously threw up on the field in the fourth quarter and Owens still hasn’t let go of his frustrations with that showing. On Saturday night, Owens decided to stir the pot and sent a tweet tagging Freddie Mitchell and telling him to keep their QB from being out drinking the night before the big game.

It’s a memory that haunts the Eagles to this day, although for the team’s fans they at least got a championship in 2018 to take the sting out of that memory a bit. But for Owens, it was the only appearance he ever got on the NFL’s biggest stage and, at least for now, 16 years later, he’s still choosing violence.