Terry Bradshaw Commenting On Erin Andrews’ Appearance Left Some ‘Thursday Night Football’ Viewers Feeling Uncomfortable

The resignation of Jon Gruden from the Raiders earlier this week for racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails sent to former Washington executive Bruce Allen has led to plenty of discussion about the ways those who are powerful in the NFL talk behind closed doors and what needs to change in the overall culture of professional football.

Some, like Chargers coach Brandon Staley, have used the Gruden situation as an opportunity to recognize their role as a leader to provide a welcoming atmosphere to those groups and why it’s so important to build trust and earn that trust in all of your actions. It is a great time for some introspection from many in football, and the circumstances of this week made what happened on Fox’s Thursday Night Football pre-show stand out to many even more as another example of things that shouldn’t be happening.

After an Erin Andrews interview with Devin White, whose love of horses led to the two of them doing the interview at a horse stable, they threw it back to the Fox studio crew for what became a very awkward transition as Terry Bradshaw made some comments about Erin Andrews’ appearance in the interview that left some viewers feeling uncomfortable.

Some felt it was simply an awkwardly worded compliment, but plenty felt Bradshaw’s comments came off as inappropriate.

It’s certainly wasn’t Bradshaw’s finest on-air moment as, if nothing else, it was a very awkward transition.