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My gambling friends over at NBX pointed me to the plight of Texans offensive lineman Fred Weary, who was tasered and arrested six miles from Reliant Stadium for… um… well let's see… huh. That's strange. He hasn't been charged with a crime at all.

According to the police report, the incident began when officers noticed a Chevy Impala SS driving in an area near Reliant Stadium where police are on alert due to criminal activity. They noticed the driver "looking very suspicious" as he looked back and forth at the police several times. Weary was pulled over after police followed the car and noticed that it did not have a front license plate.

And by "suspicious" they mean "black." Got it. 

After getting pulled over, Weary had the gumption to ask why he was pulled over, which led to a tense confrontation and his eventual tasing. You really need to read the whole story to get the entire racist picture. Now, I'm sure Weary could have handled the situation better, but isn't the racial profiling of players the kind of thing that the Texans' ownership and/or the NFL commissioner could — and should — raise holy hell about?

Oh that's right. I forgot Bob McNair and Roger Goodell are assholes.

UPDATE: Bob McNair has now come to the defense of Weary. So that's nice. Sorry I called you an asshole, Bob.

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