Texas Rangers Defeat Truman

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.04.11 7 Comments

By way of our friends at Big League Stew comes a fantastic idea — getting a “World Champs 2011” tattoo on your chest when your favorite baseball team has just blown two one-strike-and-we’re-out opportunities in Game 6 of the World Series. Everything’s bigger in Texas, they say, including the embarrassing life choices.

A brief explanation (not really) from the BLS tipster:

My friend had this done before Game 7. Maybe you can show the world how big of an idiot he is, or just a die hard fan.

Their report wonders aloud whether or not the guy originally got his Dallas Mavericks championship when the Mavs went up 2-0 in 2006 and whether or not the “world champs” tag is applicable to a team that just won North America’s baseball championship, but after looking at this guy’s quarter-chest and seeing it plastered with corporate logos and designs you’d see on inspirational ribbons at the Dollar Tree, yeah, I’m gonna go with “idiot”. Or maybe he’s the local sports fan equivalent of the guy from Memento and gets sh*t like this tattooed on himself so he can remember it in the morning. He should carry around a Polaroid of Ron Washington with “don’t believe his lies” scribbled at the bottom.

My favorite sports team having a racist logo and my favorite pro wrestler murdering his family has taught me well of the dangers of sports tattooing. If you really want to show your support with an impulse buy, Academy Sports has a huge rack of TEXAS RANGERS WORLD SERIES 2011 shirts on clearance right now, and they come with the added bonus of being able to take them off.

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