Thanks to Fire, Soccer is Now Even More Dangerous

The headline “soccer fans throw firecracker at soccer player” would seem pretty normal at this point. Somebody is upset about something, they throw fire. I watch pro wrestling, I know how it goes. This clip remains unusual based on the fact that Dinamo Bucharest’s own fans tossed fire at one of their players, and that he completely ignored it and nobody stopped playing. Baseball stops if someone feels a light drizzle. Soccer continues DESPITE FIRE. I’m starting to see why people like this game so much.

I had an experience like this during my first ever live soccer game this weekend. I drove up from Austin to see FC Dallas take on Real Salt Lake. That’s “ree-al” Salt Lake, not “real” like the word “real.” Anyway, thunder and crazy lightning and loads of rain happened, and the announcer gets on the PA system and tells us the game has been called due to extreme weather, and that we should flee the stadium immediately and take cover in our cars. The guys on the field just kept playing, and played for about eight minutes in this until somebody made them stop, possibly because we were all still sort of standing around about to die from lightning.

So, yeah, soccer. Who knew?

[H/T Dirty Tackle]