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Away from all the Super Bowl hoopla in Tampa comes a more lighthearted story about a dead basketball coach and the vandalism of a memorial to her. Yes, the victim is a woman, so put on your laughing pants.

A mural in N.C. State University’s Free Expression Tunnel to honor women’s basketball coach Kay Yow, who died Jan. 24 after a long struggle with breast cancer, was defaced Saturday with blue paint and offensive language.

A blue mustache and the phrase “cancer rules” were added to the painting [not actually pictured], which shows a portrait of Yow against a pink background. The graffiti was removed and the mural restored by early Sunday morning, but the incident did not sit well with students.

Aw, crap, I forgot to make the background pink. Hey, wait a second, I thought pink was just for cancer survivors. Now I’m somewhat relieved that a kind soul took some initiative to correct it. Even though defacing a memorial to someone that only left this earth a week ago is probably the most cowardly thing ever.

Ironically enough, the mural is situated in the Free Expression Tunnel. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

[News & Observer via GameOn]

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