10.14.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

Show of hands: who had the 4-0 Super Bowl champions getting their asses handed to them by the 1-3 Browns on national television?  Hmmm, I see it’s all the same readers who claim they have a girlfriend.  Interesting.

Anyway, it’s true: Browns 35, Giants 14.  Both teams rolled back the clocks to this approximate time last year, when Derek Anderson (18/29-310-2-0) and Braylon Edwards (154 yards, 1 TD) were surprising fans by not sucking, while Eli Manning (three interceptions) was continuing his legacy of not being as good as his brother.  Man, I miss those days.

The loss snaps an 11-game road win streak for the Giants, and it capped off a much-needed return to Earth for the NFC East, one in which the Redskins and Cowboys suffered humiliating losses and the Eagles waited three quarters to show up before escaping with a win in San Francisco.  That makes the last undefeated team in the NFL the… Titans? Who saw that coming?  Oh, right: the guys with girlfriends.

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