‘And That’s Why You Always Down The Ball.’ (Part 2)

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09.17.13 9 Comments

Last October, a pee-wee football player ended a game on an interception, heard the buzzer and threw the ball to the ground. The other team picked up the ball and ran it in for a touchdown to win the game. Rage occurred. The situation was chaotic and complicated, but the idea is that you should always down the ball and make sure the play is dead before you start skipping around celebrating how great you are.

Fast forward to 2013, and a high school football game between Columbia River and Skyview. Columbia River was down 24-23 and lined up for a field goal with 7 seconds left on the clock. Skyview blocked the field goal and ran around celebrating like assholes. Columbia River picked up the ball and waltzed it into the endzone for the win. Rage occurred, but Skyview’s coach put things into perspective:

“Until I see the film I don’t want to make any comment. We should have finished the play. That’s the moral of the story.” (via The Columbian)

Here’s the film, buddy, and you’re exactly right. I hope your comment is just “ffuuuuuuuuu.”

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