The Packers Made A Horrible Mistake Sliding Down On That 4th Quarter INT And This Picture Proves It

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01.20.15 34 Comments

Remember when Green Bay’s Morgan Burnett slid down after an interception in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks? Remember how there was still five minutes left in the game? Remember how many of us (myself included) believed that was a really boneheaded play?

Well, turns out, it’s much, much worse than we all thought. The All-22 footage of the game (via Pete Damilatis) shows Burnett with wide open space down the sideline.



If you look closely at the GIF, you can see Julius Peppers tell Burnett to stop/slide down as soon as he catches the ball. He’s largely escaped blame for it…until now.



Sure, there were a lot of plays that ultimately decided the game in the Seahawks favor. The 2-point conversion and botched onside kick chief among them. But this? Damn. A healthy return into Seattle territory all but assures Mason Crosby a field goal try. And given his accuracy that day (and the season in general), this is like salt in the wound for Green Bay fans.


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