The Anaheim Ducks Social Media Night Flash Mob, Or ‘Flash Mobs Are The Worst Thing’

The top comment for this video says it all:

I was sitting.

.lookin up at Honda vision…and I saw the girl dancing…thought process…”oh wow…she really likes this song…..WWWHHHHAAAAAAAATTT IS THIS?!?!?!?!…THIS IS AWWWWEEEEEEESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

NEVER seen anything like it at a ducks game. Legit. PROPS

I try not to be judgmental about wacky stuff like this on With Leather. We in the blogging community are quick to get heated about unimportant stuff like commercials or memes or the tiredness of memes that’ve been done for more than 30 minutes. With me, if you wanna do parkour over a police officer or whatever to get famous on the Internet, hey, parkour your heart out. If you want to make “One Does Not Simply ____” jokes several years too late, that’s your prerogative. It’s not my place to judge.

That said, if you enjoy or participate in flash mobs I hate you and you should die for real. This is not a joke. I will fight you in real life. I think Flash Mobs are probably the worst thing, worse than world hunger, worse than prejudice and sadness and black licorice. It’s like somebody watched Usher’s scene in She’s All That and thought, “hey, let’s do this in real life.” It makes me so mad I just flipped my desk.

Besides, “Social Media Night” should just be about getting into the building anonymously and telling the Ducks how shitty they are for trying to play sports.

[h/t to Puck Daddy]