The Best Football Played In Dallas Since 1995

08.10.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, has two notable features — a facade that looks like it could start independently spinning and become the Event Horizon at any moment, and an enormous, punt-blocking, mid-field scoreboard that takes up most of the stadium’s free space and threatens to fall and crush us all. Jerry Jones famously refused to move the thing when footballs started striking it. I wonder what he thinks now that soccer players are clipping it?

Enter: FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, incorrectly typo’d on Off The Bench as “Victory Valdez”, making him sound like he’s a character from Cars. During warmups for a match in the Herbalife World Football Challenge, Valdez decided to see if he could boot the ball 90 feet into the air and bang it off the scoreboard. The video above is that effort, and it is impressive. I was wondering what all those soccer jerseys were doing at the Texas Rangers game next door. Kinda wish I’d been around to see this in person.

Maybe the Dallas Stars can play next year’s Winter Classic here and try to ricochet a puck off the screen.

[h/t Off The Bench]

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