The Best Of Both Meats

05.13.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

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  • Here’s my breakdown of the NFC’s weakest schedules, based on rushing and passing defenses from 2009.


  • Shawn Johnson can’t really throw a baseball (above). Apparently this is news. Via everyone (Thanks, Brent)
  • This guy made cool stuff from everyday office supplies. He would have been better off reading sports blogs.


  • The Gally Blog turns one year old today. They’re the only good thing to come out of Canada since Dan Aykroyd.

    The Gally Blog.

  • Somebody needs to just fire Stuart Scott already…

    Tirico Suave.

  • It’s your “Football Team Complaining About Free Stadium” story with a twist–it’s happening in Canada.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Robin Hood really isn’t much of an outlaw, especially when he’s Australian and fat. These outlaws kick much more ass.


  • Undie run from Texas (right). And yes, everything really is bigger down there.

    Friends of the Program.

  • As if the Shake Weight wasn’t bad enough, these fitness products from the Arnold Classic will make your head spin.


  • A Lesson In Badass: Self-defense tips from a Navy Seal Special Forces trainer.

    Ask Men.

  • Was Keith Hernandez worn out from doing all of those “Just For Men” commercials?

    Sports Pickle.

  • Did somebody say “Mega Man movie?” Yes, please.

    Gamma Squad.

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