The Best Of Chikara Pro Wrestling At The Reading Phillies’ FirstEnergy Stadium

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.10.12 16 Comments

Professional wrestling at a Minor League Baseball ballpark, right as the Minor League season is ending and wrestling enters that weird lull period between the summer and WrestleMania? This is relevant to my interests.
In an event I probably care about more than anybody in the world, Pennsylvania-based promotion Chikara pro wrestling took a trip to FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Double-A Reading Phillies, for a charity event benefitting Baseballtown Charities. The R-Phills are no stranger to wacky happenstance at the park, and this is no exception. It happened last month, but indescribably-talented Zia Hiltey shared pictures from the event on her page Zia Shoots Wrestling and I felt compelled to pass them along. Two major reasons:
1. I get way sadder for the Minor League season ending than the Major Leagues, because the MLB off-season is full of speculations and winter talks and more or less the same amount of baseball news. When the Minor League season ends, the Screwball costume just sits in a shed somewhere until summer comes around again.
2. Chikara’s biggest event of the year, King Of Trios, is happening this weekend. I’ll be there along with Destiny and over 20 With Leather commenters for a loosely-organized picnic thing before the Sunday show, so if you’re anywhere near the Easton, PA, area, get down to these shows and have some three bean salad with us, or whatever.
If you don’t like wrestling at all, trust me, you’ll still love the ridiculousness of these photos. Wrestling ants! Guys dressed like ice cream! With Spandex podcast guest Icarus getting a swirlie! MARTY JANNETTY!

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