The Best Sexy Paralympic Sprinter Calendar You'll See Today

I’d add 27-year old Japanese sprinter Maya Nakanishi to our list of Olympic athletes to watch, but she deserves on a list of her own. Firstly, Nakanishi is Paralympic athlete and is missing the lower half of her right leg. Secondly, she’s bankrolling a new prosthetic and a trip to this year’s London Paralympic Games by stripping down for a nude photo calendar. It’s beautiful, and a lot like that episode of ‘Saved By The Bell’ where Zack photographs the swim team to pimp the school store.

The calendar, with pictures taken by professional photographer Takao Ochi, shows an unclothed Nakanishi striking tasteful poses that ensure just enough of her body is covered.
Nakanishi said on her official blog she hoped people would enjoy the calendar.
“I don’t regret having become nude. I’m very happy that I was able to show Maya Nakanishi as I am.”

You should never regret having become nude.
To see if you’re very happy that she was able to show Maya Nakanishi as she is, click through and check out the pictures. I think it’s great. I also want to see her spin-kick people.

[photos via Caffetteria delle More, with a big h/t to Buzzfeed Sports]