The Bizarre Story Of A Man Who Disappeared At A Denver Broncos Game (UPDATE)

Police are still looking for a man who mysteriously disappeared during the Broncos-Chargers game last Thursday. According to family and friends, 53-year-old Paul Kitterman, of Kremmling, Colorado split from the group at halftime and hasn’t been seen since. His son, Jared, and two others spent hours looking for him at Sports Authority Field but came up empty. They filed a missing persons report the next day.

Police say Kitterman had $50 in cash, no credit card and no cell phone when he disappeared. Foul play is not suspected though police are currently combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance tape.

One of Kitterman’s friends, the woman pictured above, says he would never “just leave you hanging.”

“This is just so not characteristic of Paul,” Bakke told “Paul is one of the most loyal, responsible people you’ll ever meet in your life. He would never, ever just leave you hanging and especially his son. He would never leave Jarod.”

As an amateur detective and one who has attended those murder mystery dinners, I have some questions.

-It’s 2014 and this guy “accidentally” left the house without a credit card?
-It’s 2014 and this guy “accidentally” left the house without a cell phone?

I can maybe believe one of those scenarios—but both? Nah, there’s something fishy here.

Occam’s Razor says the best explanation is often the one with the least assumptions, the one with the least complicated of competing hypotheses. Call me crazy but this looks like a story of a guy who WANTED to disappear and not one who had something terrible happen to him.

Either way, we hope he’s found safe and sound.

*UPDATE: Paul Kitterman has been found, he is fine. Foul play was not an issue according to police.

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