The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Wedding Proposal Is Heartwarmingly Dangerous

Sports guys never seem to run out of ridiculous ways to propose to their girlfriends. There was Adrien Broner’s fake post-fight proposal, Mariners infielder Brendan Ryan’s magical trip to Japan, the Olympic swimmer who proposed in the swimming pool and about 100,000 guys who thought popping the question at a baseball game would be a fun, new idea.

I’ll be honest and say I never considered “while I’m choking her out” to be a viable proposal time, but here’s video evidence of Jiu-Jitsu student Justin Saikaley asking his girlfriend to marry him while she’s trapped in his triangle choke, and … yep, it’s adorable. Somehow.

I also would’ve accepted her using the weird position of his proposal to get the best of him and tap him out before answering, but this works. If I ever get to date Ronda Rousey (which I assume will happen at some point) I’m gonna let her armbar the shit out of me constantly on the off chance that she’s doing it to show me how much she loves me.

[h/t to Middle Easy]