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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't care if Jake Plummer plays for them:

"Obviously, we have not missed a beat with him not here. We're preparing for our season," the general manager said. "The quarterback competition has been very lively and we feel good with the players we have here, so we're not waiting for anybody."

Well spoke sir.  Let the talented athletes on your team know you have the utmost confidence in them.  Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Brad Gradkowski, and Luke McCown can continue their competition for the answer to the question, "Who's the Bucs starting QB?"  (Believe me, that query will be asked very often next season, and it will be followed by, "Really? I thought that guy sucked?")  Except TB's general manager Bruce Allen said of Plummer:

"The intent is the absolute same," Allen said. "We want him on our team. Without getting into personal conversations, we traded for him with the intent of him playing for the Buccaneers. He knows that. We've been very clear what we see for him in his future. We just have to see if we have a meeting of the minds."

Uh, I'd advise the Snake to sit out that "meeting of the minds" if Jon Gruden is involved.  I imagine an intense talk with Chucky would result in some sort of mind control akin to that villain in X-Files who almost hypnotized Mulder into killing himself.  That shit is for real you know. -KD

Picture note: Lovely Vicki used to cheer for the Bucs, and according to the Professional Cheerleader Blog, she appeared in Playboy.  Rest assured that I'm thoroughly searching the interwebs . . .  

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