Watch The Trailer For ‘The Challenger Disaster,’ Featuring Kansas Coach Les Miles

Via The Challenger Disaster

Hi! Did you see that headline on Facebook, or on Twitter, or perhaps on Google and go “There’s no way this is a real thing?” Maybe a friend sent it to you, thinking you’d get a kick out of it, which led to you responding “Is this a headline from, like, The Onion or ClickHole or something?”

The answer: It is a real thing, this is Uproxx, and I swear to god, a trailer exists for a movie about the Challenger disaster — entitled The Challenger Disaster — starring Dean Cain and Kansas Jayhawks head football coach Les Miles. Here it is.

Now, I’m a simple man, one who likes sports and listening to music and all that fun happy crap. At no point in my time on this earth — most of which has included Miles coaching football games for Oklahoma State or LSU — did I ever thing we as a society would get a film about a tragedy that occurred in 1986 starring the head coach of the 2007 college football national champion LSU Tigers.

Based on what we can glean from the film’s IMDb page, Miles plays “Nelson,” a man who exists to one extent or another. A quick scan of the Wikipedia page about the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion shows that there is no person named Nelson associated with the event. A Google search for “the Challenger disaster Nelson” mostly brings up things of/related to Florida senator Bill Nelson, namely that he spoke about it in 2016.

Anyway, my plan is to go watch this movie, largely because I would love to see any movie that features Les Miles telling someone to “quantify your results.” The film released on Friday, per IMDb, and you can buy or rent it on iTunes.