The Clippers Are Suddenly The Second Most Expensive Franchise In Sports

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05.29.14 13 Comments

Remember when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver brought down the swift hammer of justice on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling by issuing a lifetime ban over those racist comments that he made to the 31-year old woman he gave $1.8 million in “gifts” to? And remember how everyone, us included, thought that making Sterling and his wife, Shelly, sell the team was going to take forever, because they’d both lawyer up and rake every owner in sports over the coals to prove that Donald is an angel compared to them? Well, forget all of that, because the Clippers have reportedly been sold.

According to the Los Angeles Times, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (above left with Gromit’s owner) will purchase L.A.’s other NBA team for a ridiculous $2 billion, which is an NBA record that almost quadruples the previous record, set in the Milwaukee Bucks sale. While fans and celebrities rallied around the ideas of people like Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey or Frankie Muniz buying the team, all it came down to was the person willing to pay the highest dollar amount. Nothing is accurate at this time, but the Times claims that David Geffen’s group offered $1.6 billion and Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh offered just $1.2 billion. Why even come to the table if you’re only bringing the change in your sofa, children?

Of course, Donald still has to agree to the sale, with the alternative being all that aforementioned lawyer nonsense, and the other team owners also need to collectively approve the sale, which apparently hinges on Ballmer agreeing to keep the Clippers in L.A. and not move them to Seattle like he wanted to do with the Sacramento Kings last year. So get ready for all of those rumors to begin again, you poor, abused Seattle basketball fans.

Meanwhile, V. Stiviano’s media tour continued on HLN recently, and things were not all that pleasant for the woman who should probably have all of her interview answers pre-determined by professional media handlers.

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