The Dugout: Matt Cain's Perfect Game

Last night, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game. The 10-0 victory over the Houston Astros was the first perfect game in Giants franchise history and only the 22nd in Major League Baseball history. Some are calling it the greatest game ever pitched.

Cain, the longest-tenured Giant, has been through it all in his eight seasons in San Francisco. He has seen highs — a World Series title in 2010 — and lows — dozens of losses on nights when he was brilliant.

Through it all, Cain has been unflappable, but that trait never has been tested as it was Wednesday night.

“There’s really nothing like it,” said Cain, who previously had taken five no-hitters into the seventh inning and had a perfect game into the sixth inning of his second start this season.

“I was having to recheck myself to see the signs that Buster (Posey) was putting down. I was thinking about it. It felt like it was the World Series, but it almost felt a little louder.” (via Mercury News)

Cain’s special night is the feature of today’s Dugout, after the jump.

The Dugout


** Online Host **
Welcome to the San Francisco Giants Chatroom!

TimTheEnchanter: /takes bong rip

/tries to use Disarm shout on Draugr Death Overlord but it doesn’t work, totally gives up and just lets Draugr Death Overlord kill him

ThatsGottaBeCain: so uh  
TimTheEnchanter: /stuffs entire 99-cent bag of barbecue Fritos into mouth, bag included  
ThatsGottaBeCain: you almost at a save point? We need you to win a baseball game with pitching  
TimTheEnchanter: almost /saved literally five seconds ago and is just aimlessly trying to climb a mountain by walking left and jumping  
ThatsGottaBeCain: come on, we’re playing the Astros tonight. I need you out there wearing a jacket and holding your hands in your pockets and kinda staring off into space the entire time I pitch  
TimTheEnchanter: it’s the astros dude

it is literally the astros

ThatsGottaBeCain: The Astros are a team, too!  
TimTheEnchanter: they are f**king not and you know it  
ThatsGottaBeCain: what’s it gonna take for me to get you to put down the video games and Giant Up and get your shit together  
TimTheEnchanter: we already won the world series why’re you on my ass  
ThatsGottaBeCain: sigh

I’m gonna have to win the NL West by myself, aren’t I

TimTheEnchanter: whateve /Instagrams dungeon loading screen  

** Online Host **
Later, in the June 13 San Francisco Giants vs. Houston Astros chatroom

ThatsGottaBeCain: /takes deep breath  
ThatsGottaBeCain: sigh

all right, Matt, this is it. The Dodgers are in first and June’s going by fast. If we’re gonna get back to the World Series, now’s the time to hoist ourselves up by the bootstraps and make it happen.

ThatsGottaBeCain: you’ve secretly been the best pitcher on the team for a while, and it’s all up to you. God, if you’re up there and listening, I need this to be the best performance of my life. The very best.  
TheGreatIM: k  
ThatsGottaBeCain: Let’s see who’s up first.  
ElectricSchafer: yo  
ElectricSchafer: yo mr. white, is that you??  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /throws strike  
ElectricSchafer: /flushes weed  
WheresWallace: Don’t worry, Jordan, we’ve got three periods left to play!  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /throws strike  
WheresWallace: /swings at ball with shoe  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /throws strike  
WheresWallace: /falls down

/keeps rolling backwards like a log until he falls into the dugout

BillAndTedsBogusevic: Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt. This is my first time ever playing baseball! I think we’re all gonna have a great time!  
TheGreatIM: You probably didn’t need me for this.  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /throws strike  
BillAndTedsBogusevic: Say, what does THIS button do?  
ThatsGottaBeCain: it’s a bat  
BillAndTedsBogusevic: /strikes out miserably  
LowrieSeasonedSalt: excuse me, is this where punch and pie is being served  
ThatsGottaBeCain: this is a baseball game?  
LowrieSeasonedSalt: i was led to believe there would be punch and pie

it’s the only reason i showed up

ThatsGottaBeCain: /throws three strikes  
LowrieSeasonedSalt: hey do you know when the red sox are playing  
ThatsGottaBeCain: AAHHHH  
LuxuryCruzRhiner: AAAAH AAAAAAHHHH  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /closes eyes, throws strikes  
TimTheEnchanter: lol the f**k is up with your tiny head dude you look like you died in beetlejuice  
TimTheEnchanter: like

like one of the goombas from the live action, uh

/wanders away

TheGuyFromAmericanIdol: Ozzie Guillen loves me! I can’t lose! CLEAR EYES STRONG HEARTS OR WHATEVER  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /strikes him out  
TheGuyFromAmericanIdol: fffffuuuuuuuuu  
TheDevilInSnyder: /readies bat  
ThatsGottaBeCain: I’m perfect so far. I’m totally jinxing myself, aren’t I?  
TheGreatIM: technically jinxes shouldn’t exist, I’ve got this Book Of Life up here that has everything you’ve ever done or will do already written in it, so while you have free will, whether or not you use it is predetermined so really if he’s gonna hit the ball that’s just the way it has to be, and  
TheGreatIM: nm just throw the ball  
ThatsGottaBeCain: /just throws the ball  
TheDevilInSnyder: /hits ball deep into the outfield  
TheGreatIM: oh shi-  
GotMelk: /finally has something to do  
GotMelk: /makes leaping catch at the wall  
TheGreatIM: You’re welcome.  
GotMelk: heh, i like to see gregor blanco try to pull off some shit like that  
ThatsGottaBeCain: whew, that was close

so hey listen, Tim, I think I owe you an apology. You were right. The Astros are the worst. Just play your game in peace and I’ll destroy everybody for the rest of the season.

TimTheEnchanter: what the f**k is the astros  
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