The End Of The Cubs’ Season Couldn’t Come Fast Enough For Lou Pinella

08.23.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Not content with simply finishing out the remaining five weeks of the season, Chicago Cubs manager Lou Pinella decided to quit right away and tend to his ailing mother. Just what she wants, I’m sure: another kid back in the house. Pinella decided to finish out the day at his old job, only to see his team get demolished, 16-5.

The Cubs gave up 11 runs over the final three innings to fall 23 games under .500. Many in the crowd of 37,518 had already left Wrigley Field when Sam Fuld(notes) grounded into a game-ending double play.

“It’s a good day to remember and also it’s a good day to forget,” Piniella said. –Y! Sports.

And now there’s the tired “Is he worthy of Cooperstown” debate, and I don’t really know. He was Manager Of The Year 3 times, he won a World Series as a manager with the Cincinnati Reds in 1990. I guess that’s enough. Plus it was always fun to watch him get angry. He was like my dad coming home from work every day, only instead of breaking furniture and our dreams, Lou would toss a base occasionally. That works, too.

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