12.02.07 11 years ago

Hey look! A soccer gambling scandal that doesn't involve Italy. UEFA has requested police throughout Europe investigate some suspicious games:

The games, said to include a Champions League match and a Euro 2008 qualifier, are being probed by police forces worldwide after UEFA spotted abnormal betting patterns . . .  UEFA have confirmed that 15 games this season are under suspicion and it is understood that another 11 from last season are also being probed . . . the pattern is similar to that detected in international tennis, where minor matches appear to be targeted by betting rings because they are easier to influence. The majority of the teams involved come from Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Hmm, what do these countries have in common? They all end in 'A'? Undoubtedly. But they're also all former territories or allies of the Soviet Union. These countries should receive a pass on these investigations. It's been less than 2 decades since these nations could begin freely practicing capitalism, and even the smartest people have trouble grasping the subtle nuances of Adam Smith's economics. For example, it took at least 3 visits to the VIP room before I deciphered the the cryptic language exotic dancers use to transact "special services". Coincidentally, that lass was was from the the former Soviet Union as well. -KD 

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